It is a matter close to my heart to accompany people and their animals.


I have the need that man and animal are well, physically and mentally, and they live a harmonious partnership. For me, this includes looking closely at where boundaries are crossed, fears are ignored and trust is strained too much. This way an even deeper connection to oneself and to one's animal can be built.


"Harmony arises when we are in harmony with ourselves and can pass this on to our horse."


Kristina Gau Hiltbrunner

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  • planned for 2022: seminar about colours and chakras at Anisana (Münsingen/BE)

  • since February 2021: Kinesiological muscle test and stuck emotions in Stormy May's online course (only bookable in English)

  • since 2021: Instructor at the "School for Holistic Horse Therapy Training Christiane Herrmann" (chakra theory, gestures / facial expressions of horses in 2022)

  • since 2016 examination expert assistant in the energetic horse therapist course

  • since 2013 implementation of own courses and workshops on various topics


Here I would like to show you important moments that have shaped me so far:


  • 2021: Certification "Manual Therapy for Horse by Christiane Herrmann" (MATCH)

  • since December 2020: Student of the "Trust Technique", James French

  • Inspirations from July 2020:

    • "Riding on the power of others", Ren Hurst (Sancturary13)

    • "Free your horse, free yourself", Maksida Vogt

  • June 2020 stopped riding for the benefit of the horse and researched the topic of riding together with Fenja Königsmann


  • since 2019: Online course "Ease with the horse" together with Chris Wolf in the online academy of the horse

  • since 2019 application of kinesiology and animal communication in training and being together with horses

  • since 2019 deepened examination of chakras and emotional blockages for humans and animals

  • since 2017 intensified examination of natural horse behavior based on ethology and scientific studies

  • since 2016: self-study on anatomy and solving techniques (e.g. Masterson method)

  • 2016 course "Expressive behavior of the horse", Marlitt Wendt

  • since 2015 regular meditation practice and corresponding deepening

  • 2013/2015 course "Aikido for Riders" basic and advanced course, Mark Rashid

  • 2014 Certification "Energetic Animal Therapist" at Anisana

  • 2013/2015 Massage course on horses and applied biomechanics, Christiane Herrmann

  • 2012 Mental training for riders, Christiane Herrmann


  • 2012 diploma as "Trainer C SFRV", lunging with body language and cavesson, ground work, trail, classical dressage

  • 2009 Diploma "Restoration of Archaeological Cultural Property", Berlin

  • 2001-2002 high school graduation in the USA

  • since 1994 dealing with various riding and training methods (western riding, classic dressage, clickers, mounted archery ...)

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Kristina is very empathetic, authentic and a great gift for animals and people. It makes a great contribution to the welfare of animals and people and supports us in this exciting time of change.


I was touched by the conversations in animal communication with my 3 horses and she was also able to help my cat Flumi a lot by remote treatment. I am very grateful to her.


The new chakra workbook is incredibly great and very understandable. I devoured it within a few minutes 😉