Talking to your animal

It is a great gift to understand what our animals want to tell us.

With my animal communication and emotion therapy I support you in the relationship with your animal, I help

to expand mutual understanding and overcome emotional blockages.

Animal communication

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What body, mind and soul want to say

I quickly realized that I talk to animals differently. I realized that I get very specific answers from different levels (body, mind, soul) of the animal and address them individually. In this way, conflicts between individual levels become visible that would otherwise remain hidden.

But just as no conversation between two people is the same, it is always different between humans and animals.

If necessary, I combine my conversations with kinesiological questions in order to re-establish the connection between body, mind and spirit. For health or emotional problems, I recommend a combination with my emotion therapy.

Animal communication can ...


  • Support with changes (move, new members in the family / group, farewell, etc.)

    • When moving , I recommend accompanying you before, during and after the move
  • help with behavioral problems (fear, nervousness, shyness, etc.)

  • Answer questions on health topics (in combination with therapy for larger topics)

  • Provide answers about equipment (halter, blanket, etc.), living environment and more

  • Giving messages for humans (from a living or already deceased animal)

  • And much more...

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Animal communication process

I need:

  • Photo of the animal (in .jpg or .png format. The photo does not have to be current)

  • Name, age, sex of the animal

  • 5-7 questions you want to ask your pet

Animal communication takes place in written form.


The written form means that I will conduct the conversation or therapy alone and then send you a report by email. A telephone meeting afterwards can be arranged.


I pass on what the animal communicates with me. I cannot make any promises of healing or guarantee what the animal will tell me in detail.

Animal communication or personal message?

In the case of the animal's personal message to its human being, I ask the animal whether there are important indications for human beings. This could be about the relationship, or something general like self-confidence. The animal decides what it would like to tell people at the moment.


In regular animal communication, I also ask for a message for humans. Here, however, people have the opportunity to ask their own questions. Animal communication is a bit like talking on the phone with the horse. When you see them directly, they usually express themselves non-verbally through body language and we interpret this. But they also have concrete thoughts, ideas, dreams and fears. In a conversation, which can be carried out right next to the animal but also from a distance, just like a telephone call, one can learn a lot of helpful things about the animal. But then, like a human being, they talk about what is important to them. You don't have to answer, and sometimes you don't have an answer for everything. Animal communication can definitely improve mutual understanding and often also help with specific problems.

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Your investment

First introductory meeting and other information:
Free of charge (zoom / phone / WhatsApp etc.)


Animal communication (including report and debriefing)

  • up to 30 minutes: CHF / € 60.00

  • up to 45 minutes: CHF / € 80.00

  • up to 60 minutes: CHF / € 100.00

  • up to 75 minutes: CHF / € 120.00

  • up to 90 minutes: CHF / € 150.00

  • Prices for regular discussions on request

  • CHF / € 2.00 per minute for short follow-up checks (request within 5 days)

  • Emergencies: normal approach + 50%

Personal message from your pet to you (including report and debriefing, no direct questions from the pet owner to the pet)

  • CHF / € 40.00


Soul message

  • from CHF / € 40.00

Combined animal communication and energetic therapy (implementation of a complete communication and therapy)

  • CHF / € 150.00


Relocation accompaniment (at least 3 sessions of discussions and, if necessary, energetic therapy)

Please report early so that we can schedule the meetings accordingly

  • from CHF / €  130.00


Payable by invoice, twint or PayPal

The general terms and conditions apply!


Further details on request.

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