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Body, mind and soul in harmony


In remote treatment, questions arise again and again as to what the individual techniques are all about and what the feedback from the animal means. On this page I would like to briefly (!) Explain important details.

Body, mind and soul connected with one another : All three levels are in normal communication with one another

Body : The physical, material level with all structures (skin, bones, organs, etc.)

Spirit : The psyche of the living being, the thinking and feeling, subconscious and intellect

Soul : the immortal core of being

Remote treatment : Many therapies can also be carried out remotely without having to be directly with the animal / human. For this purpose, a telepathic connection to the living being is established, similar to animal communication. Emotional blocks in particular can be treated very effectively remotely.

Follow-up check : Depending on the circumstances, a necessary follow-up check may be indicated. However, it can also happen that this question is displayed with no in the test. In this case I ask you to continue to observe the animal very closely and to contact you if there is no improvement. Because the animal cannot always clearly answer when it needs a new impulse for healing.

Therapy lexicon:

  • Bach flowers : plant / flower essences according to Dr. Brook. According to Bach's central thesis, every physical illness is based on a mental imbalance

  • Chakras : energy centers of the body. There are 7 main chakras in humans and two other chakras in animals that are treated.

  • Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

  • Settling of remedies: This is transferred to the remote treatment of the information needed remedy (eg Salts) energy to the animal. It is always checked carefully whether an on-site application is still required.

  • Color therapy : Color therapy is about the specific color vibration that can have a positive influence on the body and mind. The treatment options range from colored light to application on site using colored aids (e.g. a blanket for the cat).

  • Stuck emotions (Kanjo): Emotions that were not fully perceived and could flow freely through the body become established in the energy system (meridians) and also on the physical level. This can have an impact on the psyche and also trigger pain and unclear symptoms of illness.

  • Feed test : If there is an intolerance to a feed, the muscle test indicates stress.

  • Five-element therapy : The 5 phases of change, called 5 elements, form an essential basis of Traditional Chinese Medicine TCM. The phases of change wood, fire, earth, metal and water are assigned various general, physical and spiritual-spiritual aspects.

  • Homeopathy : Holistic treatment method that stimulates the self-healing powers of the organism and thus wants to contribute to recovery.

  • Testing annual data : I repeatedly test annual data from a kinesiological point of view, for example the year in which a trauma occurred. Months and other dates can also be tested. However, there may be deviations here. Therefore, they always have to be viewed +/-, even if they are often very to the point.

  • Kinesiological muscle test : I use an autokinesiological muscle test with which I search for energy disorders in living beings, for example. To do this, I take two fingers of the same hand, form a ring and apply muscular pressure on this ring when I ask a question. The question must be able to be answered with yes or no. A strong muscle is a yes, a weak muscle is a no and therefore stress.

  • Body scan : I use energetic methods to empathize with the animal's body and feel possible health problems in my own body. For example, I experience pain or itching on my own body. I supplement this empathy with the kinesiological muscle test.

  • Meridians : energy channels (12 meridians and 2 main vessels) that energetically supply the entire body and also have an influence on the psyche.

  • Scar removal : Scars arise, for example, from accidents, but also from the castration of stallions. These scars have a disruptive influence on the flow of energy and can therefore have a negative impact on health. Scars can be cleared energetically and using special ointments.

  • Schüsslersalze : Mineral salts in homeopathic dosage.

  • Traumas : These are emotions that have become stuck in the organism (see stuck emotions). Traumas can also be inherited, which can be explained by epigenetics.

  • Four elements : fire, water, earth, air

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How does remote treatment work?


How is it possible that I can deal with mental as well as physical issues from a distance? Why don't I have to see the patient directly?

In remote treatment, as well as in animal communication, I work with a photo in order to connect with the other being. Sometimes just a name is enough. I only give treatment if those involved are informed and agree! I connect with the being through the photo. Assuming that we are all interconnected in an energetic way and we also aware can connect with each other, I can speak mentally put me next to the other beings and treat it. Quantum physics is currently the best explanatory model for how such a connection is created or exists. You can find an explanatory video here (YouTube): Documentation quantum physics

For the being to be treated, it hardly makes a difference whether I stand personally or mentally for him / her. Sometimes I even get the impression that the treatment works even deeper when I do it remotely.

And this form of treatment even works for restricted mobility . I have already successfully treated horses, dogs and cats from this species and made them more agile again. Especially animals that don't like being touched directly benefit from this extremely gentle form of treatment. It is important to me to always get the animal's permission and only treat as much as it allows and needs. Here, too, I work with the kinesiological muscle test and also with a kind of body scan .

I am happy if I can also treat you or your animal in this way. Feel free to contact me if you have any further questions.

The Golden Rules of Jiyuma Therapy


  • The horse gives permission for treatment.

  • Man ensures a peaceful atmosphere (inside and outside).

  • The peace of mind is the basis for man and horse. If necessary, I help the horse to find this calm.

  • The horse knows that it is being heard and is free to express itself.

  • The techniques consist of minimal pressure so that the horse can drop physically and mentally. The treatment therefore often looks very unspectacular. But a lot happens in the horse.

  • The musculature is the key to a long-lasting effect.

  • Meridians, chakras, homeopathy and other gentle methods support the treatment.

  • The horse always has the last word, because his well-being is at stake!

You can find MORE about this in my blog article: My Mission in Horse Therapy

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