Wilde Pferde

Gentle mobilization

Energetischer Putzplan Pferd

Energetic cleaning plan horse

Clean your horse well!

CHF 8.50

Energetischer Putzplan Tiere

Energetic cleaning plan for animals

Health for horses, cattle, cats and dogs

CHF 19.50

Chakren-Workbook Cover Neu 22.png

Workbook - Chakras in

Learn to activate the 7 main chakras

from CHF / € 25.00

Gutschein Jiyuma

Gift card

Give away a sum of money or an offer

from CHF / € 10.00

Mehr Infos

Chakra bracelet
fish bone

Support for your energy centers

CHF 12.00

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Mehr Infos

Chakra bracelet

Support for your energy centers

from CHF 8.00

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