Soul message

Another part of my telepathic communication ( animal communication ) are the soul messages.

For this I either make contact with the soul of a deceased living being or with my own human soul.

When it comes to dead beings, I often speak of conversations with "free souls".


Soul message from your deceased animal


I am also happy to make contact with the soul of your deceased animal. If animals have died in shock, it can happen that the soul is also in one and has not yet realized that it is now free. A conversation and energetic support can help clarify this state.

But it is also possible to receive messages for your life. We look together at what it takes. For such a conversation they need the same information as in normal animal communication .

Excerpt from a conversation with a free animal soul

Do you have a hint for her now, something she should definitely pay attention to?

She can learn to trust even more. Life is guaranteed to be fatal. In the end, you can't change that. Sooner or later doesn't really matter. We all have our work to do in life and I have or still do mine. That is absolutely good and right. It doesn't matter where our shell is or whether we even have one. Our energy is always there. Far too few people still know that. For you it is always all about the presence. But you make it up on the wrong parameters. Presence is not something tangible, a shell is just an illusion. It is important and does its job.

But not any more.

Soul message of your living animal


Our living animals, too, often have important messages for us in our lives. Sometimes there are hints that we were actually already familiar with and we just had to hear it again from another side. And sometimes it is new knowledge that we can gain from it.

For such a conversation I also need the same information as for normal animal communication .

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Message from your soul


The soul message is something very powerful and personal.


On the basis of a telepathic conversation I make contact with your soul and transmit it

their message to you. This is always very individual and only intended for you.


The soul message can inspire, confirm, strengthen and encourage.


Find out what your soul wants to tell you!

Personal power animal reading


Whether for a specific topic or as a general message, I would be happy to ask the power animal oracle for you.

You will then receive a document with the photo of the respective power animal (photo for your own use only) and the personal message that I received from him for you.

You can find a free spirit animal journey here: Gift

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Your investment

First introductory meeting and other information:
Free of charge (zoom / phone / WhatsApp etc.)


Animal communication (including report and debriefing)

  • up to 15 minutes: CHF / € 40.00

  • up to 30 minutes: CHF / € 70.00

  • up to 45 minutes: CHF / € 90.00

  • up to 60 minutes: CHF / € 120.00

  • up to 75 minutes: CHF / € 150.00

  • up to 90 minutes: CHF / € 170.00

  • CHF / € 2.00 per minute for short follow-up checks for remote treatments

  • Emergencies: CHF / € 3.00 per minute

  • Intensive support by subscription on request

Personal message from your pet to you (including report and debriefing, no direct questions from the pet owner to the pet)

  • CHF / € 70.00


Soul message

  • CHF / € 70.00

Combination of animal communication and energetic therapy

  • Price according to time spent


Relocation accompaniment (animal communication and energetic therapy, divided into at least 3 sessions)

Please report early so that we can schedule the meetings accordingly

  • from CHF / €  170.00


Payable by invoice, twint or PayPal

The general terms and conditions apply!


Further details on request.

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