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Does the Rainbow Bridge exist?

Today's blog article is about my approach to animal communication (AC) and the concepts of the Rainbow Bridge, the afterlife and animal reincarnation. I hope it shows you how I work and what is important to me.

Today I watched a Summit-Interview with an animal communicator from Singapore. He talked about the lives of our pets in the afterlife. What I find exciting about this is that I have a slightly different experience than he does. That's not to say that he, I, or anyone else is right and the other is wrong. I really don't think that. Nevertheless, I'd like to tell you a little bit about it.

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About our human thought concepts

We, as humans, are never without preconceived concepts in our heads. An American animal communicator recently said in a video that she had no concepts before she started her training as a AC. Although I don't know her circumstances, I feel this is rather unlikely. After all, we all usually grow up in a more or less religious environment. No matter what religion or denomination it is, we learn early, for example, certain models about the afterlife. Also with me it was so, by the original Christian faith in the case "heaven and hell". These models are forever anchored in our subconscious. In my opinion, this cannot be denied. And also the concept of the rainbow bridge you probably don't discover out of nowhere just because an animal tells you about it. Because it is enough if one has seen a picture years ago, on which this was represented. This remains in our subconscious and is then later sometimes integrated into a AC. And as I said, I don't think that this concept is fundamentally wrong. I just think that there are different perceptions here.

The concept of the rainbow bridge

Now the AC spoke in the interview about the Rainbow Bridge and the afterlife. He described it as a place in the form of a green meadow, where all pets live happily and find new friends there. They are free from pain and illness there. At the same time, after death, the animals needed some time to come to this place. He himself waits a few days, other AC wait up to a week for such an afterlife contact. Animal tell these colleagues about this bridge and the place behind it. Just as they tell me other things. So it seems to exist or not. More about this a little later.

My approach to animal communication

I perceive this whole situation with the hereafter somewhat differently than at least some of my colleagues. I have also become acquainted with various models of thinking over my life. However, I still have a great openness towards what the animal soul communicates to me. In any case, this openness is very important to me. I do not have the prefabricated concept that there must be this "green meadow". Therefore, I am not looking for it specifically. Since I have acquired the ability of animal communication, which I was able to practice already as a child, as an adult again and thus have not attended a complex training, I feel very free in communication. For a long time I did not even know that I had spoken with animals as a child. Only recently my mother mentioned such events that she can remember. Therefore, I probably did not learn anything new with TC, but merely reactivated existing skills. The structural work and also the openness, I have mainly taken over from animal energetics. But this is not meant to be a plea for not attending a training or a basic course in AC. For each person certainly needs different ways of approaching this subject. I only want to describe here how prefabricated models of thinking can influence us and why I approach the whole topic very playfully.

I came to animal communication via animal energetic healing. I still use the technique of energetic AC today and pass this on to interested people. The telepathic TC came only a few years later. I learned through an information evening, how I could build up mental access to an animal through meditation and since then I have been working out everything myself. This work involved a lot of practice and practicing with different kinds of animals. Only a little later I began to read in specialized books and to hear lectures.

It is often the case that deceased animals tell me things that seem very strange to me at first. Like a bovine soul that was at least for a short time in the body of another cow to support it in life. Others told of other universes or that they were further with their humans. And also for these descriptions evidence can be found in the literature, as well as for the rainbow bridge and the evergreen meadow. Other souls were again already reborn, as e.g. wild animal or with another human being.

What do I think now about the Rainbow Bridge?

For me it is of great importance to keep my openness. I do not look for any animal on or over the Rainbow Bridge, because in my mind this is the only possibility. I always let the animal tell and show me where it is and what its current condition is. Likewise, I don't assume that animal souls will be reborn no matter what. I don't see the waiting time for a first contact after death as some colleagues do. Because the soul is, in my perception, always accessible. So I read it recently also from a German medium. In my perception, the soul sometimes needs some time after death and is not immediately ready to have detailed conversations. This can be shorter (fewest hours) or longer (several days). But she then says in the conversation from the beginning exactly what she needs and if she should not yet be ready for a conversation. We don't interfere with her process by doing this. I like this approach much better than setting up a fixed rule of waiting, even though contact would actually already be possible.

We humans always seem to love clear concepts. Concepts like just a seven day waiting period until contact after death, The Rainbow Bridge, or just basically that you can't do animal communication without training. I am not a friend of such rigid "rules", even though I am certainly not free of them. They all have their good points, but in my opinion they should not be regarded as unalterable truth. I have noticed that the more I can free myself from mental limitations, the more (universal) knowledge can be tapped.

So does the Rainbow Bridge exist or not? You may decide that all alone for yourself or talk about it with souls. If it exists for you and the animals tell it so, good. If not, also good. No matter what kind of place in infinity we imagine, the soul remains and carries infinite wisdom in itself. For me personally, this is a crucial realization and "all" colleagues and I seem to agree. And even that, is perhaps not free of thought models. I just try to keep my openness towards the unimaginable and am happy about every conversation I may have with a living animal or a free soul. In the end, I find it more important to know how the soul is doing and what messages it has for us than to argue about a place.

In my practice so far I have encountered many things:

  • 2 souls in a living body (at least for a certain time)

  • Souls who think they still live in their own body after death

  • Souls who do not want to leave a place (help for a grieving animal mother)

  • Reincarnated souls (regardless of the "original" animal species)

  • Souls who want to stay near their human or family members

  • Souls who take on other tasks in the afterlife

All this, and certainly more, seems to exist. Because the animals told me about it, even before I had a conscious thinking concept about it. This is for me the fascination of animal communication! And I am very happy, if I may accompany you and your animal.

Feel free to share your thoughts with me in the comments or send me a private message. I am excited to read about your thoughts and observations.n.


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