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"The spirit sees through every soul
on aspects of his own being."

Quote: Irina Rauthmann

Mitbestimmung Pferd 2

Mitbestimmung der Pferde - Pferden eine Wahl geben

The soul image is created in direct exchange with your soul.


You can imagine a soul conversation like an animal communication. I make telepathic contact with your soul and enter into conversation with it. It then tells me the theme for the drawing and answers further questions. You will receive the whole conversation as a PDF protocol by mail.

The drawing is created intuitively in connection with your soul. It is a drawing with specific shapes, lines and connection points through which you can access deep structures in your subconscious. The drawing made of ink and colored pencil has the format A5 and will be sent to you by mail. Each image is absolutely individual and unique.

Price per soul picture (incl. soul talk): CHF/€ 105.00, including shipping

Datum: Samstag 04.03.2023

Dauer: ab 09.00 Uhr, ca. 2 Stunden

Preis: CHF/€ 25.00


  • Warum überhaupt Mitsprache/Mitbestimmung ermöglichen?

  • Aktuelle Studienlage

  • Varianten der Mitbestimmung

    • Mit und ohne Futter

    • verschiedene Frage-Antwort-Varianten

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Mitbestimmung Pferd
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