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Dear Kristina helped me with several animals within a short time. Among other things, my colleague's horse and pony. The two mares were treated by her and looked at "from head to hoof". The two really enjoyed the treatments and were deeply relaxed. Thanks to her empathetic and calm manner, you have  both mares fully involved in the treatments. Both showed a much looser gait pattern afterwards and the posture of the pony has improved.


She also helped me with my cat through remote treatment. My cat had eye problems from worm infestation. There was immediate improvement after the treatments.


She helped me a lot in dealing with my grief through animal communication with my accident cat.


I would like to thank Kristina very much for all the passion she puts into her work. You can feel that the welfare of the animals is very important to her and that she takes the time for everyone and within the scope of her possibilities.

Nice that we met =)


You radiate a calm and I can just be with you as I am and the same goes for Hilona. I used to get upset so often when something didn't work and now it only happens very rarely to me. You don't need a mask, you don't have to function perfectly. Everything is based on a deep appreciation of people and horses and I love that so much !! It's a safe place.


Thank you for this wonderful workshop (The mindful and centered horse man). It was very educational with great aha moments and inputs. I hope I can do as much as possible with my Emilio. Thank you Kristina!


Dorado's fear of bicycles
Before the conversation with Dorado began, his owner told me that the gelding was afraid of bicycles. Just before she got in touch with me, that had meant that he had even torn himself away and walked away a bit.
In the conversation Dorado and I talked about the situation with bicycles and he confirmed to me that they are very scary. We discussed the reasons and how to show him that they pose no danger.

Just two days after the conversation, the owner contacted me:

"Well, I don't know what you did, but Dorado didn't even shy away from yesterday and today, despite many possible situations."


And again two days later the response came:

"Even today he was able to let bicycles pass calmly. That's great."

It is wonderful when animal communication shows such a powerful effect!

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