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Wilde Pferde

Self-study course - Vision Walk (German language)

Do you have life issues or questions that you need an answer to?

Then the vision walk is a simple method to connect with the subconscious, the higher self and natural wisdom.

As part of my 2022 theme nights, I explained to participants how to do a vision walk (modeled after a threshold walk)

and what to look for.

The audio recording and written instructions are available here.

I myself use this technique regularly to get answers to my life questions.

You can easily order this digital self-study course and do it at your own pace anytime after receiving it.

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Content of this self-study course (German language)


  • Audio recording (approx. 34 minutes)

  • Written Instructions (4 page printable PDF)

As soon as the ordering process and payment have been completed, you will receive the files viaDropbox linkemailed by me.

Price "Self-study course vision walk": CHF/€ 10.00

Free for participants: Peace of Heart Accompaniment and Webinar heart business

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