Harmony journey for horse and human

In the Jiyuma harmony journey I make all my knowledge and experience as a coach, therapist, animal communicator and horse woman available to you. You don't have to decide in advance what is right for you and your horse at this moment. Together we will look at everything that will help you grow and live peacefully with your horse. I will accompany you and your horse on the way to an even more harmonious partnership.

Jiyuma HarmonieReise

1:1 mentoring- coaching

What the Jiyuma HarmonieReise encompasses (We determine the exact topics in the initial meeting):


  • Coaching

    • Harmonious connection, peaceful movement, time together

    • Support with everyday topics (relationship, trust, serenity and mindfulness)

    • Archetypes of the 5 elements and the 7 cosmic laws

    • Inner peace for man and horse through mindfulness, breathing and simple meditation exercises

    • Soul message



  • Animal communication


Your advantage when you book the trip:

The trip is individually planed for you and your horse. You don't have to choose one of my different offers in advance.

We take a holistic look at the overall situation with you and your horse and I use all my tools to help you optimally. There are no limits to what happens on the journey and what we look at in which order. Intermediate goals can be set, but the way to get there will be your own.

Your Harmony Journey

Preparation & getting to know each other

Step 1

In the free initial consultation, we will discuss what you and your pet currently needs.

This conversation is non-binding. Only then do you book your rice (small, medium or large).

The trip

step 2

We go on a journey and discuss your individual topics (coaching, emotions).


I carry out animal communication with your animal from home, emotion therapy if necessary at your farm and prepare a report, which we then discuss together.

Debriefing & prospect

What's next

In the debriefing we will see how your own and our common journey can continue.


Here, too, there are in-depth information about your own growth.

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Individual session

1 unit (phone / zoom):

from 30 minutes


Your investment:

from CHF / € 70.00

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Intensive support

from 2 units (telephone / zoom):

at least 60 minutes


Your investment:

from CHF / € 130.00

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Soul message


The soul message is something very powerful and personal.


On the basis of a telepathic conversation, I make contact with your soul and transmit it

their message to you. This is always very individual and only intended for you.


The soul message can inspire, confirm, strengthen and encourage.


Find out what your soul wants to tell you!

I am very happy if I can accompany you and your horse in your processes.

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