Wilde Pferde

Gentle mobilization

Gentle body therapy based on free will and, if desired, with animal communication


My energetic and manual body therapy with a focus on osteopathy and other gentle manual techniques complements my vision of the peaceful treatment of horses. It is important to me that the horse's voice is heard and accepted. The very fine techniques invite the horse to drop in and get involved in the therapy.

They are supplemented by various energetic therapies and meditative exercises.


I have been taking part in the MATCH training (manual therapy according to Christiane Herrmann) since November 2020. Until I graduate, I will be offering parts of the manual therapy and combining them with my existing offers for massage, energetic body work and energetic emotion therapy.


Manual therapy and osteopathy

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The course of treatment


I offer two treatment models: individual or intensive support

With the individual accompaniment, I treat your horse completely from head to hoof, including brief energetics.

In the intensive support , individual areas of the horse's body are treated. The energetics / emotion therapy gets more space here and the horse can set the pace even more.


At the beginning of the treatment there is a discussion of the current condition to find out

where there are problems in the musculoskeletal system and holistic health.


In both models I let my feelings guide me and listen carefully to the horse.

My body therapy includes osteopathic techniques, massages, body work, stretching, elements from occupational therapy and my energetic KawaKi therapy consisting of various treatment methods such as meridians, chakras, Bach flowers and more.

Supportive techniques are tested kinesiologically to determine whether they are necessary.

Nothing is done that the horse does not need and is not good for him!


Immediately after the treatment, you can run for about 10 minutes. The horse then needs at least 3 days of rest.

On these days you should take a maximum of one step walk on foot.

No tight volutes, demanding floor work, lunging or riding up to and including day 3.

Forms of therapy

  • Osteopathy : solving techniques for the entire musculoskeletal system (vertebrae, joints, muscles, etc.)

  • Magnet therapy : releasing local tension and energetic blockages

  • Massage : treatment of muscles and fasciae through massage and stretching

  • Body work : energetic and gently loosening techniques

  • Energy work : Blockages are also gently released on the mental and energetic level (trauma, etc.)

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Osteopathy, fascia

& Energetics

45-70 minutes


Your investment *:

Individual treatment: CHF 100 .00


Osteopathy, massage, fascia

Body work & energetics

45-70 minutes


Your investment *:

3-time subscription *: CHF 280.00

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Osteopathy, fascia & energetics

including minutes and meeting


Distance treatment: CHF / € 100.00

* Bei der Fernbehandlung biete ich eine Zufriedenheits-Garantie an. Du merkst innerhalb von 4 Tagen keine positive Veränderung bei deinem Tier? Dann behandle ich entweder noch einmal kostenfrei nach oder du bekommst den Behandlungspreis erstattet!

Jiyuma The golden rules of Jiyuma therapy

  • The horse gives permission for treatment.

  • People create a peaceful atmosphere (inside and outside).

  • The calm of the mind is the basis for man and horse. If necessary, I help the horse to find this calm.

  • The horse knows that e is heard and is free to express itself.

  • The techniques consist of minimal pressure so that the horse can drop physically and mentally. The treatment therefore often looks very unspectacular. But a lot happens in the horse.

  • The muscles are the key to a long-lasting effect.

  • Meridians, chakras, homeopathy and other gentle methods support the therapy.

  • The horse always has the last word, because it's about his well-being!

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Energetischer Putzplan
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