Let your hearts calm down!

Now let's help your animal and yourself as a human being to find relaxation together!

My holistic accompaniment will help you.


It starts inside

When I come near an internally very excited and unbalanced animal, I immediately feel this tension in my own body. The energy literally spills over. The being, depending on its nature, is more or less extroverted at this moment. If we unintentionally go into resonance with this energy, neither we nor the animal can find real relaxation.

Inner relaxation, calm in the heart is what builds trust and creates harmony.

Do you want a harmonious connection with your animal and more serenity for both of you?

Letting go of restlessness and fear

With my holistic treatment we will achieve that you and your animal can finally relax and trust continues to grow.

In a state of internal excitement, an animal cannot think clearly or really listen. Some become unpredictable in their behavior (fight), others withdraw in a panic (flight).  The triggers for this range from negative experiences with people to special situations such as New Years fireworks.


The goals of my company are more inner peace and trust . And sustainably! But YOU as a human have to be ready to find peace and to show your animal the way!

Süßer Hund

Find serenity and calm

The goal of emotion therapy is to resolve old trauma. In addition, I will show you how you can help your animal into the deep relaxation that will raise your mutual trust to a new level. Warning - this is not a training. Neither pressure nor lining are used.

I use a combination of animal communication and energetics, treat you and accompany you from a distance. You can therefore participate from anywhere in the world.

What are we doing exactly?

Telepathic animal communication , emotion therapy, energetic therapy, Bach flowers, releasing stuck emotions, chakras, meridians, color therapy and much more are used in the treatment. Everything individually tailored to your animal and you.

In the company I will show you simple relaxation exercises for stress reduction and trauma treatment that you can do together with your animal.

The intensive support lasts 3 months . The individual determines the pace! Usually there are 4-6 sessions per month. The number and length varies and is therefore tailored to individual needs.

Places are limited so I can make the most of you

can take care of!

Pony im Feld
Eine Fahrt machen


Human : Willingness to actively deal with your own issues and to do regular exercises. This accompaniment includes various exercises, but no training methods.


Horse : open stables, no competition horses, no eating breaks for more than 4 hours.

Dog : No competition, no active hunting dog, family connection

Cat : Indoor cat or outdoor cat with family connection

Small animals : no one-piece cage, social structures depending on the species (details in consultation)

Secure your place now

I am happy to accompany you in yours

personal processes.

The next places will be available from February 2022, then again from May 2022.

Your investment

CHF / € 690.00 *

(CHF / € 230.00 per month)

Before the definitive booking, we hold a free introductory meeting.

Find customer experiences here

* Including 3 months of support, 4-6 sessions per month, reports by email, additional direct exchange with me (by phone, email, WhatsApp, Signal, Messenger or Zoom). Possible additional costs include, for example, Bach flower mixtures that you have to organize yourself.

Katze im Korb
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Afraid of fireworks? - That was once!

On the photo you can see Chumani, a 10 year old cat. It was recorded on New Years Eve 2021, during the fireworks display.


I accompanied Chumani in the summer of 2021 and, in this context, also prepared him for the Swiss national holiday fireworks. He experienced this very relaxed, in contrast to the years before. And even at the New Year's Eve party, he calmly accepted the spectacle in front of the house. Without having to be treated again or being given any remedies at the time. That is the sustainability that I strive for!

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