The Jiyuma Harmony Journey

We and our animals consist of body, mind and soul.

In order to lead a healthy and fulfilling life, it depends on the harmony between these levels.

If life energies and emotions cannot flow properly, this can have a major impact on

behavior and general physical health.


In my treatment, I particularly address emotional blockages and trauma. I have specialized in this area and this is what my heart beats for.

When body, mind and soul are in harmony, we find our heart's peace.


I carry out treatments primarily as distance therapy.


The body

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Our body and that of our animals is more than just a shell. It is a complex organism that provides a home for our mind and soul. Through him the soul makes its earthly experiences.

We are also talking about the physical, material level with all structures (skin, bones, organs, etc.).

Emotions can manifest themselves in the body and lead to pain, among other things.

On the physical level, I primarily look at trauma, such as birth and castration trauma, as well as blockages in the energy system and stuck emotions.


The mind

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​​ I call the spirit the psyche of the living being, thinking and feeling, the subconscious and the intellect.

Emotion therapy focuses on trauma. These are emotions that do not flow properly and therefore cannot be felt. These then not only cause behavioral changes, but can also cause pain (in humans and animals!).


In this area we look at the topics of stress and rest as well as ego-induced self-doubt.


The soul

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The soul is the immortal essence of every living being.

Disharmonies can also occur on the mental level. This concerns, among other things, the connection to the body and mind, as well as the effects of trauma (fixed emotions).

The soul collects valuable experiences through the body and the spirit.


Holistic support

The Jiyuma Harmony Journey is also about you as a human being.

"Your animal can only be as good as you are good to yourself.

Your animal can rest when you rest.

Your animal can trust when you find trust in yourself."

Therefore, not only can all my offers for body, mind and soul also be booked for you as a human being, but I also offer very personal 1:1 accompaniments for you and your animal. My goal is that people and animals can establish a peaceful and loving relationship that is characterized by the greatest possible understanding. And emotionally too

I am there for you in challenging situations.

In my company I put all my knowledge and experience at your disposal

Therapist, animal communicator, mentor and seeker of harmony available.

We're happy to discuss how I can support you. Get in touch with me without obligation: contact

animal communication

Animal communication, personal message or soul-talk?


In regular animal communication, I respond to the questions people have about the animal and also provide additional information. Animal communication is a bit like talking to the animal on the phone. If you see them directly, they usually express themselves non-verbally through body language and we interpret this. But they also have concrete thoughts, ideas, dreams and fears. In a conversation, which can be conducted right next to the animal but also from afar, just like a phone call, you can learn a lot of helpful things about the animal. But then, like a person, they talk about what is important to them. You don't have to answer and sometimes you don't have an answer for everything. However, animal communication can definitely improve mutual understanding and often help with specific problems.

When the animal sends a personal message to its human, I ask the animal whether there are any important clues for humans. This can be relationship related, or something more general like self-confidence. The animal decides what it would like to tell people at the moment.


The soul message is directed from the human soul directly to itself. Your own soul gives you hints as to which topics obviously need more attention at the moment. Soul talks can also be conducted with deceased souls.

emotion therapy

In meiner ganzheitlichen Behandlung geht es um den Einklang von Körper Geist und Seele.

Um Blockaden zu finden, nutze ich den kinesiologischen Muskeltest. Im Anschluss habe ich eine Vielzahl von therapeutischen Möglichkeiten, diese zu harmonisieren. Ich behandle alle Lebewesen (Mensch, Hund, Pferd, Katze etc.) mittels Ferntherapie. Zur Behandlung erstelle ich ein Protokoll, das dir im Anschluss per Mail zugesendet wird.

In der nachfolgenden Tabelle siehst du ein paar Beispiele meiner Behandlungsansätze:

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For what?

  • Strong jumpiness

  • Low self-esteem

  • pain in the body

  • aggressive behavior

  • fear

  • trauma

  • General states of weakness

  • problems with change

  • scar

  • and more...


therapeutic approaches

  • Release stuck emotions

  • meridians and chakras

  • quantum healing

  • 5 element therapy (TCM)

  • Bach flowers

  • Schuessler salts

  • Essential Oils (swing in)

  • homeopathy

  • Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

  • and more...

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Intensive program - peace of mind

Intensive program - peace of heart


When I get close to an internally agitated and unbalanced animal, I immediately feel that tension in my own body. The energy literally spills over. Depending on their nature, the creature is more or less extroverted at this moment. If we unintentionally resonate with this energy, neither we nor the animal can find real relaxation.

Inner relaxation, peace in the heart is what builds trust and creates harmony.

Do you wish for a harmonious connection with your animal and more serenity for both of you?

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Sabine (Rückmeldung zu zwei Seelengesprächen)

Liebe Kristina,

wow, ich bin sehr berührt und tief dankbar.


Mit jedem Durchlesen erkenne ich neue Wahrheiten und die Weisheit der Beiden...

die Tränen fließen, es hat sich wohl eine ganze Menge angestaut und ich merke, das sich einiges löst und endlich abfließen kann.

Ich bin noch immer sprachlos und sehr glücklich, seelig.



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