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"The spirit sees through every soul
on aspects of his own being."

Quote: Irina Rauthmann

animal communication

I am happy to receive messages from the spiritual world for you.

be this a conversationach with your own soul or other beings of light such as power animals. I act as an interpreter. I do not decide what you receive as a message. I only act as a channel and mouthpiece.

Are you currently facing major challenges or do you generally need an impulse for your further path? Your soul and the spiritual world are happy to give you valuable tips for your Harmony Journey.

​soul message for you - CHF/€ 80.00

I will contact your soul for this and it will give you the impulses that you currently need.

spirit animal message - CHF/€ 80.00

We all have different spirit animals that accompany us in certain life situations. In this offer I will find out for you which animal is currently at your side and send you its personal message.

Power word and power symbol


Power words and symbols are strong companions in everyday life.


The icon is created just for you, it doesn't come from any template. And the message behind the word is also very personal to you. It should help you to experience a time full of light.

Feel free to contact me if I can support you with this offer:Contact

spirit animal message

Wolf 02.png

Let's find out which spirit animal is currently by your side and what message it has for you.


Similar to a soul talk or an animal communication, I talk to your spirit animal and write down what it has to say to you.

Feel free to contact me if I can support you with this offer:Contact

The soul picture


 The soul image is created in direct exchange with your soul.


You can think of a soul talk as an animal communication. I take telepathic contact with your soul up and talk to her. She then tells me the topic for the drawing and answers further questions. You will receive the entire conversation as a PDF protocol via email.

The drawing is created intuitively in connection with your soul. There are two variants that you can book specifically. Or you let yourself be surprised which drawing style is used.


In the version 1 it is a drawing with specific shapes, lines and junctions. It is always at least partially colored.


The variant 2 is freer in design, with or without colour. Here, too, the soul decides on the general execution.


The ink and colored pencil drawing is in A5 format and will be sent to you by post.

Each picture is absolutely individual and unique.

soul picture - CHF/€ 105.00, including shipping

In direct contact with your soul, an individual picture is created. In addition, the soul transmits specific messages to me, which you will receive in a protocol.

Power Word and Power Symbol Channeling- CHF/€ 60.00

This is a small channeling in which you will receive your personal power word and power symbol for the time to come.

Power pack hummingbird - CHF/€ 125.00

With this power pack you get your individual soul message, your personal power word and power symbol.

Power pack dolphin - CHF/€ 150.00

In this large power pack you will receive your personal soul picture with soul message, as well as your power word and power symbol.

Example images variant 1

Neurographik 01
Neurographik 02
Neurographik 03
Neurographik 04

Example images variant 2

Kraftbild 09.11.22
Kraftbild 6

August 2022 - Silvia

Kristina did a soul picture and interview for me. It is and remains fascinating what has come out of it. Visualizing my soul and also the picture what I could not express with words. I was not able to express to myself and therefore not to those around me how important these elements are to me. Now it's up to me to figure out how to live it. I am very excited about it! I am also infinitely grateful that I received confirmation of my feelings in it. Simply wonderful and sooo helpful! Thank you so much! 


I can recommend everyone to get involved in a soul picture and conversation. It's so helpful and wonderful! An exciting step to take yourself seriously - thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

* Here is an excerpt from the drawing that Silvia received in the mail. I then ask the soul about the meaning of the colors. In this drawing, the yellow represented the wind and was symbolic of the freedom she needs in her life.

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