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The Sanskrit word (Old Indian) "Chakra" means "wheel of light".


Chakras are subtle energy centers that are located on the main branches of the nervous system.

There are different ways to activate and harmonize chakras. Wearing appropriately colored bracelets is one possibility. This is about the respective color vibration, but also about the mental connection to the chakra to which the color is assigned. Applying an appropriate oil can also help.

FREE "Introduction to Chakra Harmonization" (German language)

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Description : In this introduction I will tell you about the 7 main chakras, show you the situation in humans and horses and give you a simple mindfulness exercise that you can try out directly.


Content : 14 pages fillable PDF

Price : Free

Workbook "Chakras in Harmony" (German language)

Description : Would you like to learn more about chakras and how you can harmonize them for you and your animal?

In my digital workbook (PDF) I give you an insight into the 7 main chakras, show you two other important chakras in the horse and explain simple ways to harmonize them. When chakras are activated, this can have a positive effect on the body and psyche.


Content : 50 pages fillable PDF and 1 link to a guided chakra meditation

Price : CHF / € 28.00 (digital document); CHF / € 23.00 for participants in my workshop "Kinesiological animal communication" and active members of the PowerHorseWoman community

The dispatch by email takes place after receipt of payment within 1-5 days.

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Kristina is very empathetic, authentic and a great gift for animals and people. It makes a great contribution to the welfare of animals and people and supports us in this exciting time of change.


I was touched by the conversations in animal communication with my 3 horses and she was also able to help my cat Flumi a lot by remote treatment. I am very grateful to her.


The new chakra workbook is incredibly great and very understandable. I devoured it within a few minutes 😉

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