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coloring books

For your creative time-out I have created various coloring books for you. They can help you to find inner peace and reconnect more with your subconscious.

FreeYou can find coloring pages here:Free

cover Ausmalbuch 1

Coloring Book #1

My drawings are always created in an intuitive process, partly through channeling.

Paper: Acid-free drawing paper, A5, 170 g/m2

Drawing material: waterproof and lightfast black micropigment ink, colored pencils

danger: The color may vary due to the photo and the image representation.

Ausmalbuch Nr. 1
cover Ausmalbuch 2

Coloring book #2

In this coloring book you get 6 digital animal drawings that you can design and color in as you wish.

Contents: 6 pages, A4 format, printable

File/Delivery: Download link for a PDF file after purchase

price book 2: CHF/€ 5.00

Price Book 1+2: CHF/€ 8.00

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