Trust - Love - Friendship
Let's go on a harmony journey together

Using energetic treatment, animal communication, soul talk and 1:1 accompaniment

I help you and your animal to deal with emotions more calmly and

to find peace in the heart.

The Jiyuma Harmony Journey is about emotions, (primal) trust and the

Harmony between body, mind and soul.

On this journey we meet each other and our animals on a new level.


Are you looking for holistic support?

For someone who sees you and your topics seriously and perceives them?

As a heart ambassador I help you to come into your power,

so you can shine together.

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My offer for you

I have specialized over the years in treating "restlessness and anxiety",

Emotions in general and trauma.

These topics are particularly close to my heart because I have recognized their fundamental importance.

With my holistic offer I help to reduce stress and strengthen inner peace.

You can find more detailed information under HarmonieReise .

Rückmeldungen von Kundinnen

"Es geht mir deutlich besser. Dadurch kann ich auch besser denken."

"Ich fühle mich
wunderbar, so geklärt."

"Mir persönlich hast du durch eine Tierkommunikation mit meiner verunfallten Katze bei der Trauerverarbeitung sehr geholfen."


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My vision


"I feel the need that humans and animals are doing well, physically and mentally, and that they can live a harmonious partnership. For me, this includes taking a closer look at where boundries are crossed, fears are ignored and trust is overstressed. Horses are a wonderful inspiration. And as such we should encourage them in their personality without exploiting their affection for our own benefit. This is my personal intention "

Find out more

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Kristina is very empathetic, authentic and a great gift for animals and people. It makes a great contribution to the welfare of animals and people and supports us in this exciting time of change.


I was touched by the conversations in animal communication with my 3 horses and she was also able to help my cat Flumi a lot by remote treatment. I am very grateful to her.


The new chakra workbook is incredibly great and very understandable. I devoured it within a few minutes 😉

Find regular inspiration from me

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