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Let's go on a harmony journey together
Because body, mind and soul can be in harmony!

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We dive deep and search for the roots.
We dream big and give space to visions.
We listen and let the heart speak.
Body, mind and soul in harmony.


In my practice for energetic remote treatment and animal communication I support humans and animals to come into their own power and to shine together.

In particular, I take care of emotional and physical blockages. Dissolving them in a gentle way helps to bring body, mind and soul into harmony.

If you are ready to go on the journey with me, I am very much looking forward to our time together.

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My offer for you

Some challenges of humans and animals need a single session to be changed permanently. For this I offer holistic individual sessions. But some issues run deep and need more attention.

Do you think a complex life issue can be cleared and re-sorted in one session? Like a complete move from beginning to end in one hour? No, I don't believe that either. The reality is simply different and that is exactly what my intensive accompaniment stands for.

The HarmonyJourney is about the process, about the small, individual steps. It is as much about the vision as it is about the basis on which it is to be built. Therefore I like to accompany humans and animals over a longer period of time. Because change needs time to grow and old issues need to be resolved in small steps.

For this purpose I have developed several intensive accompaniments, which are based on my philosophy of the HarmonyJourney.

Please note that I am not a doctor or psychotherapist! I do not make any diagnoses and do not give any promises of healing. Physical and psychological complaints should always be discussed with your doctor. In case of acute complaints, a doctor should be consulted immediately.

feedback from customers

"I am feeling much better. It also allows me to think more effectiv."

"I feel myself
wonderful, so clear."

"Personally, you helped me a lot in dealing with the grief through an animal communication with my cat who have had an accident."


My vision

"I have the need that man and animal are physically and mentally well and can live a harmonious partnership. I follow a holistic philosophy based on peaceful interaction. Animals are a wonderful inspiration. Encouraging them in their personality without exploiting their affection is my personal concern."

learn more about me

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Kristina is very empathetic, authentic and a great gift for animals and people. It makes a great contribution to the welfare of animals and people and supports us in this exciting time of change.


I was touched by the conversations in animal communication with my 3 horses and she was also able to help my cat Flumi a lot by remote treatment. I am very grateful to her.


The new chakra workbook is incredibly great and very understandable. I devoured it within a few minutes 😉

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