Jiyuma Harmony Journey

Are you looking for holistic support for you and your animal?

For someone who sees you and your issues and takes them seriously?

I support you and your animal individually in your emotional and health challenges.

Jiyuma is about the loving connection between humans and animals and

about each individual topics.

If body, mind and soul are in harmony, the togetherness becomes even closer and more peaceful.


I am very happy to be able to accompany you and your animal on your common journey.

My gifts for you (German only right now)

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Free chakra introduction

Would you like to find out more about your 7 energy centers?

Are you looking for an easy way to activate chakras?

In my free introduction, I will give you valuable tips. (German only)

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Power animal journey

Would you like to find out which power animal is currently accompanying you on your journey through life and need support in finding it?

Then I have a free meditation here that will help you.

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My vision


"I feel the need that humans and animals are doing well, physically and mentally, and that they can live a harmonious partnership. For me, this includes taking a closer look at where boundries are crossed, fears are ignored and trust is overstressed. Horses are a wonderful inspiration. And as such we should encourage them in their personality without exploiting their affection for our own benefit. This is my personal intention "

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Kristina is very empathetic, authentic and a great gift for animals and people. It makes a great contribution to the welfare of animals and people and supports us in this exciting time of change.


I was touched by the conversations in animal communication with my 3 horses and she was also able to help my cat Flumi a lot by remote treatment. I am very grateful to her.


The new chakra workbook is incredibly great and very understandable. I devoured it within a few minutes 😉

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You are right with me if ...

  • You want to understand your animal even better and are looking for a sensitive interpreter.

  • You and / or your animal need emotional and health-promoting support.

  • You want to develop a peaceful relationship with yourself and with your animal.

I am very happy to accompany you on your journey!

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About Jiyuma


Jiyuma is pronounced "Jiyuma".

It is a word creation from the Japanese words Jiyū (freedom) and Uma (horse).

Jiyuma is a compassionate journey to ourselves and with our horses.

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